Friday, May 31, 2013

20 Months Old!

Well, my little girl has hit the terrible twos. It happened at 19 months and it was a very clear shift from the baby we knew to this toddler who is stubborn, demanding, opinionated, throws tantrums, twists and struggles to get down when you hold her and she doesn't want to go where you intend to take her. And yet, she's a love. So cuddly. Loves to be held, loves to hug and snuggle, loves to sit on your lap, always wants to be touched.

Here's the rest of our 20 months stats and catch up:

  • Weighs 25 lbs, 5 oz; wears size 18-24 month clothes, size 4 diaper, size 6 shoe
  • LOVES books; Luke was never (and still isn't) a book lover, so it's new to have one who could seriously go book after book, after book.
  • Also getting into puzzles with help.
  • Has a crazy vocabulary. Talks in 4-5-6 word sentences. Understands everything we say to her. 
  • Loves to color or use a (fat) pencil. At least 3-4 times/day she sits at the kids' little table and says, "I write!", "I write!" as if telling me to go get her crayons or pencil.
  • Takes good afternoon naps of 2-3 hours, but has started taking FOREVER to fall asleep, both at nap time and bedtime. I mean she will roll around in her bed for like an hour. Sometimes more. Often it's because that's when she does her dirty diapers, so even though I don't want her to get used to me coming in now and then to check on her, thus keeping her up, I have to because she won't go to sleep as long as she is dirty. She also loves to throw out all her blankies and pacis and call for me to come get them...oh, that girl! Naps typically 12-2 or 3; bedtime was 7, but seems to have crept back to 7:30ish. She usually wakes at 7:30 am.
  • Is a decent eater. Doesn't like some things, but will eat much more than her brother! Loves broccoli. Also likes sweet potatoes and will tolerate peas and green beans. Loves freeze dried fruit of all kinds, even freeze dried peas! I love this because I can take something other than crackers on the run since I'm trying to stay away from processed foods. Typical breakfast is eggs (with pureed veggies and mozzarella added, often crumbled turkey sausage added, too), turkey or chicken sausage, yogurt and freeze-dried berries. Sometimes sweet potato pancakes or oatmeal. Lunch is often sliced turkey, or chicken meatballs, will a fruit/veggie squeezie pouch and cut up veggies/fruit. Dinner varies.
  • Loves babies! Says, "Baby!" every time she sees a baby, or even a young child!
  • Hair keeps getting lighter in color and curlier! Crazy curly! I have to use conditioner on her hair and not rinse it out in order to prevent serious frizz!
  • Eyes that have been hazel seem to be inching toward brown, like her brother's did
  • LOVES her brother. I think I say that every time, but she really does. If I get her up in the morning and Luke is not yet up, she says "I ant (want) Luke up!"
  • Along with the terrible two toddler age comments I mentioned previously, she is impossible to take anywhere now. She won't sit in the cart at the store, but won't let me hold her and runs away when I put her down. Same is true about restaurants, which is a bummer because Luke can finally handle restaurants. 

Here's some fun pics of our crazy girl!

If her precociousness means a strong will, it may make our parenting job a little tougher, but will result in a fantastic woman one day.