Thursday, December 06, 2012

Fall Fun 2012

They say that the beautiful Fall is a Southerner's reward for having survived the summer. So true! It really is beautiful, my favorite time of year! I try to make up for all the time we spend indoors in the summer by doing more fun outdoor things in the Fall. 

Lacey LOVES the sandbox!

Luke has become a little daredevil with his big wheel bike and scooter. Our driveway has a slight slope and he loves to ride down at full speed, much to Mommy's horror!

At his school pumpkin party!

Pumpkin Patch - Priddy Farms 2012

 Luke always loves the barrel train ride!

Picking the perfect pumpkin!

Halloween 2012

This year we had an adorable strawberry (her favorite food!) and an awesome superhero, SuperLuke!

Luke wanted to be Spiderman, so we bought the costume. For some reason when he tried it on, he really didn't like it, but still wanted to be a super hero. We already had a cape with an "L" on the back, so my mom made him a shirt, belt, cuffs and eye mask to match. She's pretty amazing! Daddy spray painted a Captain America shield silver to make it into a special SuperLuke shield. He LOVED his special costume!

We did trunk or treat at our church and also visited a few houses in our neighborhood on Halloween. Luke was very into the candy this year!

Thanksgiving 2012

We had Thanksgiving at Allen's parents' house this year. 
Allen smoked another awesome turkey for us! 

My crazy boy and his crazy Auntie on Thanksgiving!

Super excited to ring in the holiday season with our little family!