Monday, December 12, 2011

3 Months Old!

The best update for this post is that Lacey's evening colic seems to have dissipated. Hallelujah! What started at 4 weeks seemed to have lasted forever, but really just 6 weeks. Six long, tired weeks. Praise God we are past that! But it's always something, right? Now she has decided not to take good daytime naps, making her overtired and difficult to put down at night. Sigh...  My goal over the next week or so is to now work at getting her on a schedule. We'll see how well this goes!

Lacey's 3 month updates:

  • Weighs 13 lbs, 1 oz, is 23.5 inches long
  • Wears 3 month and 3-6 month sizes
  • Just moved up to size 2 diapers
  • Happy girl! Smiles easily and often and loves attention.
  • Has recently discovered her hands and been putting them in her mouth more and more.
  • Likes to "stand" on your lap while you talk to her.
  • Still hates being in the car seat.
  • Will tolerate lying on her back under her play gym longer, will sit in her bouncy seat longer before deciding she needs attention.
  • Started to notice toys in the last few weeks and loves mirrors.
  • Holds her head up well and can sit in the Bumbo seat for short periods of time
  • Was sleeping from 11 pm to about 5 or 6 am, but I recently began an earlier bedtime routine now that the colic has ceased. I give her a bath between 6 pm and 7 pm, then feed her and put her down. She usually wakes a couple times within the first hour of going down, but then will sleep until about 3:30 or 4 am. Up for good between 7:30-8:30 am. (Of course all this will be in constant flex, and probably change tomorrow now that I've written it down.)

Here are the latest pictures:

This is what much of the last month and a half consisted of....
we love her, but man, colic is tough!

We moved Luke to his room at 3 weeks because it was a short distance down the hall from us at our house in CA. Lacey did not sleep in her own room until 10 weeks because it is upstairs and ours is downstairs and I was too nervous to have her that far away until she was sleeping longer stretches.

I was getting ready to re-swaddle her and noticed that she is as long as the crib is wide, so took a pic to capture that. :)

My growing girl is ready for the Bumbo seat! 

Early morning conversation with Mommy.

Grammie with her first granddaughter.

Ok, enough with the pictures, Mom.

Her most successful daytime naps are still in the swing. I'm working to switch her over to her bed, which she sleeps in without problems at night, but for some reason does not like as well during the day. She is still a cuddlebug, which is probably why she likes the snuggle the swing offers.

Tummy time!

And finally our 3 month growth picture in the car seat!

I love the increased interaction this age brings! 
Watching my babies grow and change is one of my life's best blessings.


Sarah Heinle said...

So cute!! She is getting big fast.