Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy Boy

In our recent 9 month post I shared that Luke is all over the place and into everything. Here's the proof!

He loves getting into the pantry and pulling everything out.

What did I find here?? Mommy's pump parts. Fun to bang together!

And this afternoon he climbed into the dishwasher as I was loading it. I turned my back for just a second....(the camera was close by)

And to think he has only been crawling and pulling up for about a month! What's next?!
This parenting thing takes vigilance, people!


Leslie said...

Rick told me tonight that he and Aunt Catherine were both climbers.

Allen was a "hider." He liked to hide in the kitchen cabinet and stay quiet for a long time until his mommy was near tears because she could not find him. I finally heard him giggle from the cabinet.
I was headed back to the kitchen to call his dad and the police when I heard him. Miss Tammie had already driven the neighborhood looking for him. He was about 2 when that happened. =-)