Saturday, June 06, 2009


Luke has had his share of blow outs, those that go out the sides and up his back, but none compare to tonight's blow out. He was playing in his new jumper toy and I went to pick him up and found poop everywhere -- all up his back and all over the seat of the jumper (thank goodness it was machine washable!!). I had to enlist Allen's help with the clean up so that in getting the nastiness off him we did not nastify his changing table cover (although this happens often anyway) or worse, get it in his hair. The more clothes we pulled off him, the grosser it got. The reason for this is because he recently started rice cereal and so there is more to the poop these days. The crumbly, yet still liquidy, poop was all up his back and got all over his arms as we pulled off the onesie and, therefore, all over our hands as well. At least I had not yet given him his bath; it became the definite next step in our evening. Can you imagine how much worse it would have been if we were not at home??

Another fun poop story -- Luke tends to do all his poopie diapers around the same time, like 2 or 3 in a row. I was changing him a couple months ago and, apparently, he wasn't done. I had just put a clean diaper under him and he made it dirty again right away. Okay, new diaper needed. I put the clean one under him and one last wipe of his little behind, and then it happened -- he pooped all over my hand. A little stream of poop. That was fun. So on to one more was 4 all a row.

Good times.

****NEW MOM TIP******
After much washing and stain removal, I finally learned how to remove poop stains. They do NOT come out with oxy clean or even bleach. Here's what you do: wash as normal then put in direct sunlight to dry. It's that easy. It has to do with the bilirubin in breastfeed babies. For the same reason you put jaundiced babies in the sun or under lamps to clear up the yellow, you put the stained clothes in the sun to bleach out the yellow. Hope it helps!


Sarah + Ben said...

Oh my-- yes, Zoe has had quite of few of those oh-so-fun blowouts as well. Such a delight! So-- you mentioned not wanting to dirty the changing table cover... have you tried putting the disposable paper liners over the pad cover? I put the chenille changing cover, then an absorbant cotton cover down, and then a paper disposable liner on top of that. It's so much easier because you can just toss the paper liner if/when pee or poop gets on it. This has saved having to wash the cover all the time. Hope all's well! :)