Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Father's Day

Today we celebrated Allen as a Daddy! Since the way to his heart is most definitely through food, we started last night with dinner at Cheesecake Factory. This morning he received a Starbucks mocha alongside bacon, eggs and biscuits (a nice change from his typical granola bar as we run out the door to church!) and we had a yummy lunch at The Counter Burger, a gourmet burger place that was SO good! Mom and I also made his favorite dessert, a chocolate trifle that he usually only gets for his birthday. He may be making extra trips to the gym this week, but I'm sure he'd say all that yummy stuff was worth it!

Thanks for being such a wonderful daddy, Allen! You are so good with Luke and he just adores you. I'm so proud to have a husband who actually enjoys (well, never really minds, anyway) changing the dirtiest diapers, dealing with fussiness and getting up in the middle of the night! We love you!


Tammie's Thoughts said...

I bet you do make a good daddy, Allen! Wish I could see you with Luke...well, actually, I really wish I could see Luke and I'd wouldn't mind seeing you and Sarah, too. He's getting big! I hope one day you and Laura will be in Bartlett at the same time and Luke and Nigel can play together! Love you all!

Nanna said...

I love these pictures! You did a good job, Sarah! =-)