Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well, Happy Birthday to ME!

So I am officially 29 now. I have one more year to be in my 20s. I have no problem with turning 30. What's so bad about it anyway? But I am so far from 30 right now. I did have a minor freak out the night before my birthday realizing that when you turn a certain age on your birthday it is because you have completed that year already. That realization was cause for some alarm because until I thought about it, I was sure I had never touched 29 before.

My friend, Jolyn, and I both really love the specialty cupcake shops and went out to load up on sugar, just us girls. While you will count 5 large cupcakes in the picture below, I will just say now that I did not eat them all in one day and I did let Allen have some bites. ;)

My sister babysat that night (thanks, Auntie!) to allow Al and I the opportunity to have a birthday dinner out. We were so excited to have some time to ourselves! One of my new favorite places is Wolfgang Puck's Bistro -- nothing fancy, but so yummy!

Here's to working on year number 30!


RickandLeslie said...

Happy Birthday! We are thrilled your day was a great one, you deserve it! =-)