Saturday, February 28, 2009

Glorious Day!

My mom came back this weekend for a short visit and has been such a blessing to me! Last night she brought Luke to me when he was hungry and took him back after each feeding and slept with him downstairs so that Allen and I could get some real sleep without all his little newborn noises. He slept 4 hours between stretches, the longest so far! It was wonderful!

Saturday morning I got to run errands all by myself! I ran by the post office, went grocery shopping and dropped off the drycleaning. Never before have I been so excited for such mundane activities, but I had not been out of the house since Tuesday and that was just a quick run to Babies R Us. After my errands I had a hair appointment! My hair stylist would not let me make any changes to my hair through all of pregnancy because she said everyone who does ends up regretting it. Pregnant women are often looking for a change to go with their changing body and she was just sure I would not be happy with a decision to do anything drastic during that time. SO today was the day I finally got it cut, not just trimmed. Hooray! If you have not yet been the mom of a newborn, just wait. You, too, will celebrate the opportunity to even just shave your legs one day.

Saturday afternoon our friend, Dave, came over to do a newborn photo shoot of little Luke. He did our maternity pictures and took some great ones of Luke in the hospital. We have been very blessed by his talent! We will share some of those pictures when they are available. Here is the link again to our maternity pictures if you have not yet seen them:

So this is also the first day where I have not gotten a nap. I am tired and will probably head to bed very soon. But how great it was to be normal again (though how normal is it for a day's activities to drive you to bed at 8:00??).


Nanna said...

I am so glad your mom got to come this past weekend. I know she was a big help. =-)

Kari and Randy Adopt said...

Congrats you guys! We think baby boys are awesome :-)