Sunday, January 04, 2009

56 Days to Go!

Today is officially 32 weeks, or 8 months. Where has the time gone? Actually, I do feel like I have been pregnant for quite some time, only now I am starting to finally realize it. I have been blessed with such a smooth pregnancy overall that the new found discomforts make being pregnant much more of a reality. Good thing, I guess, because a real, live baby will be here before we know it!

Thought I would take this opportunity to share the latest with those I don't see on a regular basis:

  • I still have no stretch marks, though am not holding my breath on that one. There is plenty of growing left to happen in the next couple months. My favorite belly creme is Mama Mio and I slather it on every day. Found it at a spa in Palm Desert. Love their products!
  • I find it hard to breathe most of the time these days. It's like that feeling when you have absolutely eaten beyond your threshold, but I am not full.
  • Despite that, I continue to work out fairly regularly. I had to stop all my weight training with my neck injury, but I still enjoy the cardio.
  • No real swelling of of hands or feet yet, another blessing.
  • Sometimes need help putting on my socks and shoes, especially if I have recently eaten and am even somewhat full. My belly is not that big, but it is not pliable, so bending over is tough.
  • My baby is about 3 pounds at this point and my tum is heavy! Allen bought me a pregnancy wedge pillow about a month ago that I wasn't sure I would need, but has turned out to be quite helpful. There is no more back sleeping at this point and side sleeping can be tough with that heavy tum. I just tuck my little wedge under it to take off some of the pressure and it helps immensely!
  • Let's see, # of bathroom trips per night are up to about 4. Every 2-3 hours or so. Some say this prepares you to get up with baby. That may be, but I currently fall right back to sleep. Not so when baby is crying and needs attention. So even with the getting up, I will enjoy it while it lasts.
  • Nesting. Well, if you know me, I cannot stand clutter and love to clean and organize. Imagine that x3. I freaked out this weekend about closet clutter and not having storage bins/baskets for the closet shelves. I had to go right out and get what I needed and spent most of Saturday afternoon organizing and cleaning out. I completely wore myself out, but could go to bed satisfied (at least with that job). Next weekend I will be going through the kitchen cabinets....
  • Our next ultrasound is January 13th to check baby's position and also confirm we are still having a boy! Once that is done, we can paint the room and wash all his little clothes collected thus far.

We start childbirth classes this week so I'll post an update on that shortly. Also need to begin interviewing pediatricians. Our hospital tour is January 17th and my church shower is January 18th. In February we will take our Infant/Child CPR class, an infant care class (more for Allen since I have lots of newborn experience) and a feeding class. So it looks like a busy next couple of months for the Gillespies! As we have more news/updates, we'll be sure to post them!


Nanna and Gran'Pa said...

This is such an exciting time!!I have already started buying some things and can't wait for you to see them!!