Sunday, November 09, 2008

Autumn is my favorite time of year. The changing colors (well, what few we have here), the pumpkin pie and harvest candle scents filling the air, the spiced chai lattes from Nordstrom and the cooler weather all make for a wonderful combination. Yesterday it was 91 degrees. Today it was 63 and windy. In celebration of the cooler weather we lit our first fire of the season in our fireplace and dined on chili and baked potatoes for dinner. Love it! Keep that cool weather coming!


Leslie said...

What a beautiful fire. Rick made a fire for me Saturday night and I made "Somemores"- yum!!

Tammie's Thoughts said...

Amen to Leslie's "Beautiful fire!" When we were in San Degio a couple of weeks ago, it was warm during the day but cool enough for a fire almost every night. California is so beautiful! Makes me know why you enjoy living there so much!