Saturday, October 04, 2008


I am an invalid! And although I look like goofy, I am SO glad to have some kind of relief. Last Saturday the pain that I have had in the back of my right shoulder and down my right arm for about six months really went through the roof. I called my OB on Monday to ask what to do because I was in so much pain and he called in some Darvocet for me and told me to see a Neurologist. Unfortunately there were no appts for about 2 weeks. I decided on Wednesday morning that I couldn't survive on the Darvocet and just wait because the pain was constant and, although I was assured that women on bottles of Darvocet have delivered perfectly normal, healthy babies, I just didn't feel good about taking it constantly. So I made an appt with a chiropractor. I left work early to head to the chiroproactor but, at the suggestion of a co-worker, called my OB to make sure that there was nothing the chiropractor absolutely should not do when treating me. When my OB told me not to see a chiropractor at all, that I really needed to see a Neurologist, I totally lost it on the phone, which is completely outside of character for me, but I could not imagine living on the Darvocet until I could get in. She could obviously tell I was in pain and so got on the phone for me to talk directly to a couple different neurologists she works with to get one of them to see me ASAP. I finally was able to get in Thursday late afternoon. The neurologist diagnosed me right away with a pinched nerve at my C-6 vertebrae. The unfortunate part is that, because I am pregnant, they could not treat it with a cortizone shot or steroids for more immediate relief as they normally would, but rather put me in a soft neck collar for immobilization to try and keep the nerve from being aggravated. He said 3 weeks would offer a speedy recovery, 9 weeks was slow. Is that not awful?!

So as I mentioned earlier, dumb as I look, it does feel better because I cannot move it in ways that bother the nerve. I don't sleep in it and can take it off to drive (for safety) and when it just plains drives me crazy, but the rest of the time I leave it on. It is slowly feeling better, but what an escapade! Not to mention I am in my busy time at work and this is very inconvenient. !Pobrecita!

On a completely separate and fun note -- I felt the baby kick my hand last night! It was this little tiny thump. I could feel him/her moving so put my hand on my belly and little thumps followed. SO exciting! We will know by Monday if we are having a son or daughter! Look for the update!


Tammie's Thoughts said...

Sorry you aren't feeling so great but glad you are getting some relief with the collar.

Also sorry about Daddy Dick. We will all really miss him. He was a dear, sweet Christian man!