Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Allen!

We are both now a ripe, old 28 years! Allen is a month, a week and a day younger than I (which means lots of good jokes about how much wiser I am). Since we got annual passes to Disneyland this year, there was no question for Allen about how he wanted to spend the big day. My sister, Annie, and our friend, Shalen (best man in our wedding), joined us for a fun-filled day.

Can you tell who did most of the picture taking?

(Allen's aside: Because it was my birthday, I got to ride several rides that Sarah typically refuses to ride -- Grizzly River Run, Winnie the Pooh (it was wicked), the new Monster's Inc ride, and Roger Rabbit.)

I came back from a bathroom stop at the California hotel to find this at the end of the day:

Such a fun day, but so tiring!

The birthday fun was not short lived. That Saturday we went to Hollywood to see the new Narnia movie at Disney's El Capitan theater. It was awesome because it is a beautiful, old theater and Disney does up the first weekend of one of their movies with actual movie props and costumes:

Then, of course, there was the actual birthday get-together. Allen never wants an actual birthday cake, he asks for this chocolate trifle I make that my family has always called "death by chocolate".

Fun times!


Tammie's Thoughts said...

Looks like you had a great birthday!