Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I have been intending to get a little something up about our 4th of July, but Allen's recently acquired MacBook hates me. Every time I get on, it freezes or wants to restart or something awful like that. This is actually my second attempt at this very post!

Anyhow, our 4th of July was wonderful! We slept in, had a yummy BBQ lunch at Jeremy and Amber's with the notorious tri-tip specialty, came home for nap , then took off for the Dodger game. What an American day it was! What's more American than a baseball game? The Dodgers lost, but we had a great time and the fireworks display afterward was amazing!

As soon as I get a couple girls (ahem) to send me some pics from our day, I can post them, too!


Jeremy and Amber said...

ooops! I'll get on those photos for you right now! :) How was the movie?

Katie and Robert said...

Whoops sorry...been on planes a lot recently, I will send them over!!!