Wednesday, May 23, 2007


We left beautiful Hawaii to return to the nature preserve we call home. If you have been to our house, you know that we live at the bottom of a canyon where wildlife is abundant -- birds, rabbits, snakes and coyotes all live close by. In fact, on my walk the other day I saw 6 bunnies in the course of 40 minutes. However, living near nature is not always a blessing. Monday morning I was walking downstairs to the landing between the first and second floor where we have a huge window that looks out onto the canyon, and I saw movement right by the top of the retaining wall at the bottom of the canyon outside our front door. When I looked again, I saw it -- a coyote was eating a deer not 25 feet from our front door! It was the grossest thing ever because it was not on Animal Planet, it was right outside my door!! We called Animal Control, but didn't need them because the carcass has disappeared....

Also, apparently a snake and a cat got into a little tizzy right outside our front door while we were in Hawaii. Annie was at our house and she said that a cat was messing with a 3 foot snake and they took turns biting each other until they were bored and each went their own way.

Can't we just limit the nature around here to bunnies and birds?


Robert and Kelli said...

Sick!! Still, though, I hope to see your place when I am in CA next month! :) - KD