Saturday, October 28, 2006


This post is a few weeks overdue, but I have been a busy girl. Oct 13th-15th Allen and I attended our church's family retreat. The theme was "Variety is the Spice of Life in Christ". We had 2 amazing instructors, a married couple. He is a marriage/family therapist and she runs the counseling dept at Pepperdine. They took us all through the Myers-Briggs personality test as a way of helping us identify that we are each different and all necessary for the body of Christ to function. Allen was an ENFP and I was an ESTJ -- complete opposites aside from our extroverted nature (though we didn't need an expert to tell us that!). Our hosts took us through some great activities to prove the different types. It was eye-opening to hear how differently other people perceive things. For instance, the S and the N. My "S" group and Allen's "N" group were asked to describe an apple. My group adequately described it's physical nature (color, texture, etc.). The extreme "N" describes an apple as original sin, Johnny Appleseed, etc. To me, it was absolutely crazy that someone asked to describe an apple could come up with anything other than the physical appearance or perhaps taste - tanglible items. Anyway, the rest of the retreat was just as interesting and a great opportunity to relax a bit.

Here are a few pics. Allen led worship with Jeremy all weekend and really enjoyed doing so as he is not on the praise team at our church and really does not do much with singing other than True Lift these days.

Sarah and Amber (Jeremy's wife)

My friends from our small group on Thursday nights: Katie, Amber and Kari.

The "May" boys. We were put in groups according to our birthday month and told to come up with a skit using various kitchen gadgets and spices brought from home. This group had the best skit of all and was even asked for an encore performance on Sunday morning. They used their skills to perform a "Variery Ho-Down" -- it was great! The group had 2 little kids and they were a great asset to the group. The boys did a wonderful job including them and their parents thanked them several times over because the kids had the best time being a part of the May group!


Jeremy and Amber said...

Great blog! What a fun weekend that was! Keep posting!

Jeremy and Amber said...

Great blog! What a fun weekend that was! Keep posting!

Rick and Leslie said...

It sounds like you had a blast and learned a lot about each other. How wonderful! Oh and the decorations I saw in the pics looked great. I know you had a hand in the planning of that Sarah, well done! =-)
I guess I better take some time this weekend and update my blog, too.
Love you both,
Momma G