Sunday, August 13, 2006

On Friday, Allen and I both took the day off to spend some time together. He had been out of town and then I left the morning after he returned, then we had one day together before he took off again. So, we went to The Grove in Hollywood. It is basically a shopping/dining sanctuary within Hollywood. I say "sanctuary" because if you know anything about Hollywood, it really isn't a glamous place. The Grove is set next to the CBS studios and consumes about a square city block within which no cars are allowed, you walk everywhere.

We saw The Devil Wears Prada, a movie I have been dying to see for some time. It is no longer playing at most theaters, so I was excited that it was still playing at The Grove. We did some shopping, then headed back into West Hollywood to have dinner at Zeke's BBQ. We'd had a big lunch and I was not interested in a big dinner, but Allen insisted that we eat at Zeke's, so I made him at least wait until after 7:00 so I would have some type of appetite. It was pretty good - no Rendevous, of course, but not too bad! We hit up Target on the way home, barely able to move after such a yummy dinner. If all crazy weeks end up with this kind of time together, I could do this on a more regular basis. :) Good thing, because I think that given Allen's fall travel schedule, I don't really have a choice!

Saturday I spent with Annie as Allen had gone to a college fair. She is going to be a Junior (Education/Liberal Arts major) and the girl still does not own a laundry basket. How does that work? We spent the afternoon running errands and big sister bought her a few "needed" items, including that laundry basket.

Annie is going to be a Campus Ministry intern this year, so she will be gone on her retreat this coming week. I get lucky in that Allen does not leave again until early September. We will have another great weekend together this coming weekend as it will be our 5th anniversary! Plans are slightly up in the air as my mom may have her gallbladder removed this week, so we will see how we spend our 5th. I should know more after her doctor appt tomorrow afternoon as to whether I need to be there or not and that will determine whether we go to Napa/Sonoma Wine Country in Northern CA or to Palm Desert down here. Either way, I am looking forward to it!


Tammie's Thoughts said...

Happy Anniversary! I can hardly believer that it's been 5 years! Time flies when you're having fun! I'm glad you finally got to spend some good time together! Love you both!