Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Check out some pics of Allen, Annie and Chad (Katie's husband) getting ready to windsurf and brave the cold water of the Columbia River Gorge in Hood River, OR...
Actions shots to come!


Rick and Leslie said...

Hurray! New pictures! They are good,too. I wish you were here with the Emersons and me in Texas. Caden was a hoot at lunch. He kept all of us in stitches with his antics. =-)
Love Momma G

Tammie said...

Tim says e-mail him the info on wind surfing...he wants to do it. He did hang gliding in North Carolina...I'm not so sure I want him to have another expensive hobby though..he's been poor-mouthing since before the wedding and it was a very inexpensive wedding as far as weddings go! Oh, excuse me...he says it wasn't the wedding that caused him to poor-mouth, it was wrecking his airplane back in December....I knew it had been going on a long time!

Rick and Leslie said...

Hi, I've done an entry on our blog, how about another one on yours when you get the time.=-)
I enjoyed our talk the other day Allen. Sarah I hope your business trip went well. I know you are both glad to finally be home at the same time.
Love you both,