Monday, May 08, 2006

Ok, one more pic. Jeremy's mom, Virginia, just sent this to us guys.

From left to right:
Alan Beard, Jeremy Johnson, Allen, Peter Wilson, Chris Collins

Alan Beard is the director of Won by One and the guy who made it possible for me to afford Pepperdine.
Jeremy was my roommate for two years and sang in Won by One
Peter and I sang together for one year in WBO.
Chris Collins was an apartment mate for one year and now he's back at Pepp as well.


Momma G. said...

All the pics have been great! Thanks for sharing them with us. Looking forward to June. ( and the house does not have to be perfect- you two quite stressing yourselves out over this.) =-)
Love you both, Momma G

Anonymous said...

love this one- will you e-mail it to me? Thanks, Kels