Monday, May 01, 2006

I (Allen) thought I would update this thing, since I'm sure people are checking it and waiting for new updates.
I have finally wrapped up my travel for the year . . . minus a conference at the end of May. The conference will be a valuable trip as I will get to be a part of two different presentations.

I have decided not to take any Summer School classes. I decided I wanted some time with no traveling and no studying. (Of course I'll still be reading a lot, but not what someone is making me read.) I'm REALLY looking forward to getting to come home every night and being able to relax or go out. Sarah and I haven't been out to a movie together in about 6 months or more. (It might have been Willy Wonka, ha! Sarah hates that movie - of course I love it.)

Pepperdine Bible Lectures is coming up this week! Its my favorite time of year at Pepperdine. There should be 5,000+ people on campus from all over the globe. Seeing as how our student body is only 3,000, the campus is definitely hoppin and a little crowded, but exciting. I've got a few responsibilities this week. First, I get to sing 3 times with True Lift. Zac got to take a week off from touring with Acappella to come back and sing with us! (Kelli, I know you are reading this and if you were going to be here, it would have been perfect! We were talking last night at rehearsal how much we wished you were going to be here.) I also get to introduce 4 speakers/teachers this year. I know each of the people I will be introducing and each of them are great people. Some of them are very special to me, like Scott Sager who is solely responsible for my return to Pepperdine, or Dan Jacoy who was one my most favorite people I met on the road in my Won by One days, or Ken Young who has been an encouragement for years.
On top of all of that I have to do a couple of admission events late at night. Thats the part I'm looking forward to the least.

Donna will be coming to stay with us for most of lectures. It will be her first time for Lectures and I know she will enjoy it. We will have a lot of old friends coming in town that we are really looking forward to seeing. I know Sarah is looking forward to seeing the Goldmans. Chris, who married us, is going to be a keynote speaker. Also, the Spiveys are coming and Tim is the Opening Night Keynote. I'm so excited for him and for everyone to get to hear him.

Ok, I guess that's enough of an update. I know people check this this frequently for updates, but rarely find new news. Well, just send Sarah harassing emails.

Tonight. . .24!!!


The Emersons said...

you want us to send her 24 harassing emails tonight?! j/k....only a few hours left, i always hate when the season ends. it will be even longer for us till next season because we'll have to wait until all the recorded episodes are sent to us. ;) --april

Momm G said...

Allen be sure to look for Leanne
Braddock-Cookingham, she has a session at Leatures interducing her new book about how to be a great mother-in-law. She will be looking for you and Sarah while she is there. =-)

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there with you all too! I can not wait to see your new place. Congratulations again!