Saturday, April 22, 2006

HOORAY!! Our DSL is up and running, I did laundry all day in our OWN washer and dryer, both garage door openers work (poor Allen had been going without one), we have a beautiful ceiling fan in our bedroom and things are moving right along!! I had a great handyman here to help me with some things while Allen was gone this week - don't be fooled to think I did any of this myself! ;)

Tonight is one of the rare nights Allen is home, so we are finishing painting the office. I am not allowed to paint within a foot of any edge. Apparently I have made too many boo-boos. So, while he does all the edging, I figured I would put together a little update.

We have been in our new home 3 weeks and I completely love my new home. It's beautiful! Here are some pics of moving progress:


Momma G. said...

I love the the place. the green kaiki looking walls are beautiful!!!!! Is that a bedroom or the office? Either one, it still looks great!
I am so excited about our trip out there. I think Rick is looking online for tickets today. WooHoo!! =-)
Love you both,
Momma G

The Emersons said...

oooo, beautiful place! i can't wait to see it in june! - april